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27 Aug 2009 – first chinese meal and a long hike up a mountain

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What a day today.  When we had a break in our orientation, a couple of the teachers went on a stroll to Tiger Beach.  We walked maybe a little more than two miles up this mountain and overlooked the beach.  Very beautiful.  On the way up, we also saw marijuana plants growing.  Kevin, a fellow teacher and one who has been in China a couple months, says that it grows openly here without the Chinese knowing exactly what it is.  So, something to think about if you want to visit this country.  Also, when walking around China, you’re allowed to have open bottles of alcohol.  This could be dangerous information I’m giving out…

We also ate lunch at the private school we had orientation at.  The food wasn’t that great, just some tofu concoction over rice, a bowl of soup, and some unappealing entrees.  But, when we had our welcome dinner at this restaurant, I finally got my first real Chinese meal.  It was delicious.  Kung Pao Chicken is an original Chinese meal, too!  And Gracie, if you are reading this, they refer to American food the same way we refer to their Chinese food.

Another cool thing about eating in China are the way they do toasts.  You have to say “Gan Bei” before drinking, and most people down their drinks in one swig (the glasses are pretty small).  And whenever my glass was empty, someone was always re-filling it.

Below are pictures of Tiger Beach and Mary Jane (no, that’s not the girl’s name).

Dalian Part 1 023Dalian Part 1 018

We also learned today how they want us to develop our lesson plans.  All the students have Chinese teachers who teach them English.  Our purpose here is to supplement what those teachers teach them. We have textbooks, but we don’t have to strictly follow them.  We basically need to find creative and interesting ways for the students to apply what they learn, and give them a perspective on American teaching methods since most will eventually continue their education in the States.

During orientation, we got to meet some of the students.  These were private school kids, about 16 years of age, and most spoke English well.  A lot of the girls like Harry Potter, Twilight, and World of Warcraft (haha!).  Basketball is also very popular among the kids.  I couldn’t get excited about teaching them, though because I won’t be teaching at any private schools.  I really liked this particular school we had orientation in.  Pretty upscale, had a lot of resources.  Oh well, maybe next semester.

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