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25 Aug 2009 – shopping and more food

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Today was a really cool day.  I got to explore Dalian some more, and today I saw the commercial aspect of it.

Dalian is organized by squares (think DuPont Circle) in somewhat of a linear fashion.  One of the squares, called Friendship Square (Youhau Guangchang), marked with a giant globe in the middle, has this place called Victory Plaza- a gigantic area filled with malls…outdoor malls, indoor malls, and malls underground that go for five floors beneath surface level.  The department stores are pretty expensive, but when you start hitting the shops underground, the further down you go, the more likely you are able to negotiate prices.

Dalian Part 1 035

When I took a taxi to Friendship Square to meet the other teachers, I noticed something about how the Chinese drive – they are reckless and ruthless.  They do not care for the well-being of others.  They do not obey basic driving etiquette we learn in the U.S. (I don’t think they have a Chinese word for “yield”), they like to create their own lanes, and they especially are indifferent towards pedestrians.  It is quite dangerous for people to cross streets, so you have to be quick and aggressive.  Thank god my company pays for health insurance.

I ate out a lot today too.  For lunch we ate at this pizza restaurant, but I paid 30RMB for a small (aka tiny, aka child-size, aka my usual-size snack before I go to bed) pepperoni pizza.  If I had the money, I would have gotten a pizza that has a crust made up of pigs-in-a-blanket.  For dinner, though, we went to this hotpot restaurant (a chinese take on fondue) that was VERY good.  You order raw meat and vegetables, and they bring out a communal pot with boiling soup filled with flavor and spices, and you cook the food in the pot.  I know I’m going to have dreams about that meal.

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