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9/9/09 – Botanical Gardens and Russian Street

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So I did a little bit of sight-seeing today.

Firstly, this morning I passed by a group of people as I was catching the bus to school.  They were doing some sort of martial art.  I’ve heard two different explanations for this:  either these people are preparing a performance for the National Holiday coming up next month, or they are simply exercising really early in the morning.  Either way, I found it interesting enough to take a picture of what was going on.

Dalian Part 1 039

After classes, Ben (a fellow teacher) and I decided to take a stroll through the Botanical Gardens, which is only one bus stop from my apartment.  It was very pleasant.  There were many pathways that take you to a pond where people fish, through forest-like areas, to little grassy hills where you can relax, and to monuments of some famous Chinese people (I’m sorry I can’t be anymore specific than that).  There are also some great views of downtown Dalian from the Gardens, which to me depicts what this whole place is about:  a busy city with a nature-like scenic backdrop.  I really enjoyed walking around, but to avoid any “bro-date” kind of implication, Ben and I thought it best to cut the visit short and meet up with another teacher.

After rendezvous-ing with Matt, we strolled on over to Russian Street, a little strip of tented shops and mini-markets.  While I was disappointed to see no Russians there, there was a variety of the country’s goods:  whisky flasks, dolls, and even a little store that sold military equipment and fatigues.  It wasn’t the prettiest place, but it seemed like a good place to buy street food and/or souvenirs.

Dalian Part 1 043

Dalian Part 1 047

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  • HAHA…the Russian thing made me laugh a lot…glad to see you’re out enjoying the city!!!

    and question…if two men are walking together over there do people automatically assume they are gay?