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Chinese New Year

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So after 20 hours of flying I finally returned to Dalian at 11:30am on Feb.13th, which is the Chinese New Year’s Eve.  As soon as I hopped out of the taxi and headed to my apartment building, fireworks were already going off in celebration of this year’s Spring Festival.  This year is the year of the Tiger.  While I was reading the China Daily on the flight to Dalian, an article explained how women born during the year of the Tiger tend to be independent, bad-tempered, wild and unpredictable (Sarah Isaac should have been born during the year of the Tiger).  To find out if you are a Tiger, subtracting 12 from 2010 will give you the last Tiger year, and subtracting 12 from that year will give you that previous Tiger year (2010, 1998, 1986, etc).

Anyways, Matt, Ben, and I are good friends with this woman named Crystal, who is the owner of a bar we frequent called “Friends.”  She invited us to her bar to make dumplings and set off fireworks.  So after napping off my jet-lag, I headed over to Friends and was greeted by my fellow teacher-compatriots.  It was a very laid-back night.  We played card-games, learned how to roll dumplings and exchanged stories (I told Matt and Ben about Snowmageddon, and they recounted their experiences in the go-go bars of Thailand and Hong Kong).  We stayed up til 5am, where I was woken up only hours later to more fireworks.  Throughout the next day, fireworks were sporadically being shot off, with the whistling, popping, and crackling simulating the Invasion at Normandy.  I can honsetly say that only after 3 days of being back in Dalian…I’m sick of fireworks.  And there will be more.  But, I will admit that the Chinese don’t mess around with their toys.  These are just local residents setting off these things at the street corner, and they make the 4th of July look like a church service.  Hopefully you’ll be able to watch the video.

enough fireworks to bring Mao back from the grave

making dumplings ("jiao tze") from scratch.

Crystal's uncle is showing me how the gods made dumplings

the final product. if you find a dumpling with money inside, its considered lucky (but not if you swallow it)

Crystal and I

Spring Festival 2010


  • The fireworks in the video were awesome, especially if you consider these are set up by private individuals. There’s some serious money burning there. Reminds me of New Year’s Eve in Manila when I was a child (yes, I was a child once).
    Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed reading about your Chinese New Year.

  • Happy new year!!