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Dandong…Or How I Learned to Get Really Close to North Korea

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For our 3-day weekend, some of the teachers and I decided to go to this city called Dandong, which is about a 4-hour bus ride from Dalian.  What makes Dandong special is that it borders North Korea, separated only by the Yalu River.  The two countries are connected by the Friendship Bridge, which is one of the few ways to enter and leave the country, and is only used by automobile traffic.  While pedestrians are not allowed on this bridge, tourists can go to an older bridge 100 meters away that was bombed by the Americans during the Korean War.  It takes you halfway across the river where you can see people fishing, some old/abandoned buildings, and a ferris wheel, among other things.

Another landmark of Dandong is the Hushan Great Wall (Tiger Mountain Great Wall), which marks the eastern end of the Ming Dynasty’s extension of the Wall.

Below are some pictures, and in a separate post I uploaded a video of us climbing the Wall and walking the Friendship Bridge.

big Mao statue in one of Dandong's main plazas

entrance to Hushan

midway through the climb

at the top

a tight squeeze down from the watch tower

Friendship Bridge

over the YaLu River, and N.Korea is behind me

where the bridge was bombed

NK to the left, China to the right

I love China

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